I am starting to get asked more and more question now that our blog is really taking off! Please ask me anything you would like to know and I will do my best to answer!

What is your style?
I can't honestly say that I have a certain type of style that I love more than another. One day I can be in a total boho outfit and the next be in a chic all black outfit! I feel that all of the looks that I wear reflect who I am. That is what I love so much about fashion. You can change your look on how you are feeling that day and let the world see an expression or who you are and how you are feeling!

Do you use hair Extensions?
For most of my posts you see yes I am wearing hair extensions! My hair is very long but I always say the more hair the better!!

What hair extensions do you use?
I am always changing up the hair extensions that I use. As a cosmetologist I guess you could say its in my nature to be on the search for the latest and greatest!
At the moment I am wearing Cinderella Hair Tape Extensions. I have really liked them! I love that the tape I can take out about every 4-6 weeks… color.. trim and put them back in!

Who Colors your hair?
My friend Shelby Paul colors my hair and does a beyond fabulous job! You can find her on IG: @shelbymaehair

What Mascara do you use?
I actually do not use any Mascara! I have eyelash extensions and they are already that thick, dark, and curled! What would I do without them??
If you are in the area I specialize in Eyelash and Hair extensions and can help with any questions you may have and talk to you about a possible appointment.

Do you offer personal styling services?
YES! I am in the process of adding pricing and details to the blog. In the meantime please email me at blondi244@hotmail.com with any questions!


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