Sporty Casual

Hi everyone! WOW! It has been far too long since I have hopped on here for a blog post! So much has changed since I have updated here last! We moved across the country... again. We are now living in Las Vegas! It has been quite the adjustment but it definitely has been nice to be within driving distance of family, and our favorite vacation spot Disneyland and Laguna beach! So as much as we are missing Texas we are doing pretty well here :) Isabella started Kindergarten and I am such a proud mama!  She struggles a little bit in the morning with saying goodbye, although at the end of the day she is her happy little self again! 

Gosh I could go on forever about everything life has brought us since I have chatted with you all.  I have started my eyelash extension business her in Vegas, and become a makeup artist for Maskcara (click the link to check it out!) If you aren't already following me over on Instagram I am much better at keeping up there. I am challenging myself to be better about blog posting from here on out though (good timing with the holidays right?).  Anyways I wanted to get back to sharing outfits because of course that what I love! 
I snagged up this adorable jacket at the mall a few weeks back and I love that it has that athleisure look to it but can be dressed up with jeans for an effortless sporty look. I also have traded out some of my colorful sneakers for some more fall appropriate colors. Hope you love this look and you can shop all the pieces below. Thank you so much for stopping in and I will chat with you soon!

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