Pink hair don't care! Do it at home!

Hello Gals! Happy Monday! Are you all ready to take this week on? I sure am! It is a busy one for me with Lash Extensions clients, mom duty, and getting ready for our upcoming trips to Utah and Mexico! 
I wanted to hop on and just share my hair that I did over the weekend!  I have been thinking about tying out a fun color honestly for a good 6 months.  But I am a pretty big baby when it comes to anything drastic with my hair!  That's why I love these Demi permanent colors that last 5-10 washes!  Not a huge commitment but a whole lot of fun for sure! 
You can have these colors professionally applied (highly recommended if you need to go blonde first) or do them yourself at home if you are already blonde! Just make sure you buy plenty of color to get the hair nice and saturated. It will take more color than you think!  Also I recommend applying the color to clean dry hair.  You will get more color that way.  With my hair I mixed purple and pink because I was undecided on the color! I think next time I will just go all pink! If you are planning on coloring at home I recommend THIS color.  Such a fun way to mix things up for summer! I hope this answers any questions you all have! 

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  1. Hi Isabella,

    These tips are amazing and will also help a lot in coloring hair at home. As you have recommend pink color I am going to give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Lady Charm Online