Valentines Gifts for the littles and your man!

Hey Ladies! How has this week been treating you?! I feel like each week this year is going faster and faster. I am in need of a little slo-mo potion. Anyone else?  If you can believe it another holiday is already coming up quick!  I wanted to share this look with you because I feel that it fits that "I kind of want to be dressed up and casual at the same time" vibe.  Which is what I go with a lot of the time!  I LOVE me some super fancy date night outfits but a lot of the time we have Isabella with us so I go for a middle ground look.  And of course anytime I can wear boots like this is a major plus in my book, and I feel they are totally fitting for a sexy Valentines outfit.

I also wanted to include a few of my favorite Valentines pieces for Isabella! I will include those under my outfit details.  Who does big Valentines Day gifts for your spouse of babies? I typically get Isabella a cute outfit to wear and a small little something she has been eyeing with some treats. Nothing too crazy but still fun for her to look forward too!  I think my favorite has to be making Valentine cookies with her and having a real reason to eat a little extra chocolate! oops!

The last few years Dusty and I have decided that we really enjoy getting a couples massage together and just having a little quiet time together.  We will have to find a new spa here in Texas if anyone has recommendations! With that being said though I always try to find a little something fun for a gift as well!

I hope you all love these recommendations!! I would love to hear your fun Valentine's day traditions! Thank you so much for following.

 My look:

Valentines Gifts for the littles & your man:

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