Sweater Weather... Sometimes

Hey beautiful ladies! I hope you are having a great year so far! Am I the only that feels like this year is already flying right on by? I honestly can't believe that it will be February in just a couple of weeks!
I am trying to adjust to this time of year in Texas and it is not easy! Sometimes the wind here makes a 40 degree day feel like 10. Then the next day it is 75 degrees and sunny.  Like I mentioned in an Instagram post I am definitely getting some well rounded use out of my wardrobe.  But really any excuse to keep wearing every sweater I can makes me happy! 
I snagged up this sweater right before the holidays and it's been a go-to ever since, and lucky for you all its now HALF OFF.  You can shop it from my links below.
Another thing I wanted to mention is my love for uneven hemmed jeans.  They are one of my favorite trends from fall 2016 and now luckily they are popping up in a few more stores making them more affordable if you don't want to pay designer price.
Isabella is rocking the cute strappy dress with a layered shirt and pulling it off oh so well.  I mean she would look cute in a brown paper bag right? She is SOO fun to shoot with lately, she has this attitude that is so sweet and full of sass all at the same time. She definitely keeps us entertained!  I am truly so blessed to be her mama.  
I hope you all love this look! Have a great rest of your week! Its almost the weekend! Woot!
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  1. Love your blog! And your daughter is so stinkin cute!!

    - Grace Beraki