25 Gifts under $50 every girl will love!

25 gift ideas under $50 every girl will love
Hey everyone! How is the holiday season treating you?  I have been pretty busy trying to get all things finished up in Texas so we can head to Utah and enjoy the season with our families!  I must say I am definitely missing the snow this time of year.  So I am hoping for a white out when we get to UT!  I know I will be loving this warmer Texas weather come late winter though! 
Are you all done with shopping for friends and family?!  I wanted to post a quick little gift guide for any of you lat minute shoppers that I think all the girls in your life will love! And a positive to shopping this late is a lot of gifts are on sale!! 

See my  25 Gifts under $50 every girl will love at the bottom of this post!! 
 Happy Holidays! 

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25 Gift Ideas under $50 for the gals in your life!

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