25 Gifts under $50 every girl will love!

25 gift ideas under $50 every girl will love
Hey everyone! How is the holiday season treating you?  I have been pretty busy trying to get all things finished up in Texas so we can head to Utah and enjoy the season with our families!  I must say I am definitely missing the snow this time of year.  So I am hoping for a white out when we get to UT!  I know I will be loving this warmer Texas weather come late winter though! 
Are you all done with shopping for friends and family?!  I wanted to post a quick little gift guide for any of you lat minute shoppers that I think all the girls in your life will love! And a positive to shopping this late is a lot of gifts are on sale!! 

See my  25 Gifts under $50 every girl will love at the bottom of this post!! 
 Happy Holidays! 

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Sweater Weather

Good Morning! I hope this post finds you happy, healthy, and cozy.  I was starting to think here in Texas we were never going to get sweater weather but boy was I wrong! It has been chilly the last few days and the wind makes it feel like I am back in 30 degree weather.  I guess they say be careful what you wish for!
I wanted to do a post all about sweaters.  They are my favorite and I can't seem to get enough.  Not to mention they are great to receive or give for Christmas gifts! I mean who doesn't love a good sweater?  There is just something about snuggling up by the fireplace with some peppermint tea and a warm sweater that just get me craving the cold weather.  I hope you all enjoy this wishlist and hope it helps you get a few more loved ones gifts checked off your list! 
 Outfit details and Sweater Weather wishlist below!
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Holiday Dress Up

How have you all been? I was a little MIA over Thanksgiving because we had family in from out of town!  It was so good to have family here and just focus on each other and being together!  I am so grateful we were able to spend the holiday together, there is nothing better.
I hope you all enjoyed your holiday as much as we did!
So who is ready for Christmas?! I would say I am about half way there and I have made a goal to not leave a bunch to the list minute like I have done in the past! I wanted to give you all a fun holiday dress guide with plenty of time to order any dresses you might like.
One of my favorite holiday looks is VELVET!!! I can not get enough.  It looks so festive for the holidays and  I love to wear it throughout the rest of winter as well. The dress that I am wearing in this shoot sword out super quick, but I have included a lot of similar dresses below along with a few others from my wishlist! P.S. most of them are 30% right now!!! 
I wish you all the happiest holiday season and hope you are all feeling the love that spreads this time of year! Love you all! 
Isabella's Outfit: