Family photos and tips to keep them stress free

Hey Beauties! 
I wanted to share our fun family photoshoot that we did with my side of the family!  I know most people dread the thought of family photos but honestly if you make sure you do just a few key things it will be smooth sailing. 
We don't get around to family photos with the entire family this often so when we do we definitely want to make sure we are all going to love them with the time and money spent! 
We shot our photos with the gorgeous backdrop of the Albion Basin in Utah.  It was honestly breath taking. I could have stayed up there all day and just stared, and later on that week we actually did back up there to go on a hike because we just didn't get enough! 
Tips for Family photos and staying sane!
1. Give our self plenty of prep time. When I say this I mean a few months. Plan out a color scheme and dress code and make sure that everyone agrees and is well aware of what they are going to be shopping  for.  Start the process of putting looks together right away so you aren't running to the mall at the last minute.  There is nothing worse than having something perfect in mind and not enough time to find it.  Or order it if needed.
2. Communicate with your photographer. We all have such different styles and requests when it comes to how we want our photos to look.  I like to create a Pinterest page between my photographer and I so we can share ideas and make sure we are on the same page as far as the feel of the shoot.
3.  Plan around babies and toddlers as much as you can.  I know sometimes lighting can be tricky to coordinate as well as a toddler or babies nap time. Typically there is good lighting morning and evening. So decide which will be best for your babe so you can get that smiley happy baby you want!!
4. Get your makeup done professionally!  Unless you are a professional of course.  The reason I recommend this is that professionals are great at knowing what to apply to really make you look stunning on camera.  And it's way more than you would think. I am no pro at this so I definitely think it is worth the investment to make your face look good haha! If I am spending money on outfits and photos I want to look good in them!! 
5. Relax and be natural! Once all of the prep work is done try to show up relax and be happy! Remember these are the people you love most!! Even if you may have been pulling your hair out dealing with them all to get ready! Just take a deep breath, be natural, and happy with the people you do that best around, that makes for the best photos and always the most precious ones. 
I hope you all love the photos as much as I do and would love to hear your tips on getting through family pics!!

My dress HERE
Isabella's dress HERE

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