Cropped blouses and a little update on our fertility journey

Hey everyone! I hope your week has been great! It's almost the weekend and HALLOWEEN! Isabella has been so excited. Counting down every moment.
I wanted to update you all a little bit on our journey.  A lot has happened since my last post and we are getting closer and closer to making some big moves! 
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Sheer tops and how to wear em!

If you have been looking through fall fashion magazines or just noticing current celeb trends the sheer top is definitely growing in popularity this year! For example look at Kim K and her basically entire sheer outfits.. Well I love me some sheer pieces but I am not going to be getting quite that daring with my style and I am guessing the majority of the world won't be either haha! 
So I listed a few fun ways to wear your sheer tops this fall that are sure to fit in with everyones style!
1. Wear a nude with a matching top underneath (like I am here) it looks daring but I am completely covered! 
2. Wear a sheer top with a lace bra or bandeau bra underneath! I love this look with all neutrals, like a black bra, black sheer top... white bra... white sheer top.  Definitely perfect for a date night or girls night out.  In the summer months it's fun to add a little color with a colored bra and neutral top!
3. Layer a longer sheer shirt under a cozy sweater.  Not the typical way to style a sheer top but I love that it's different and perfect for the chilly days ahead! 
Shop some of my favorite sheer tops below.
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Family photos and tips to keep them stress free

Hey Beauties! 
I wanted to share our fun family photoshoot that we did with my side of the family!  I know most people dread the thought of family photos but honestly if you make sure you do just a few key things it will be smooth sailing. 
We don't get around to family photos with the entire family this often so when we do we definitely want to make sure we are all going to love them with the time and money spent! 
We shot our photos with the gorgeous backdrop of the Albion Basin in Utah.  It was honestly breath taking. I could have stayed up there all day and just stared, and later on that week we actually did back up there to go on a hike because we just didn't get enough! 
Tips for Family photos and staying sane!
1. Give our self plenty of prep time. When I say this I mean a few months. Plan out a color scheme and dress code and make sure that everyone agrees and is well aware of what they are going to be shopping  for.  Start the process of putting looks together right away so you aren't running to the mall at the last minute.  There is nothing worse than having something perfect in mind and not enough time to find it.  Or order it if needed.
2. Communicate with your photographer. We all have such different styles and requests when it comes to how we want our photos to look.  I like to create a Pinterest page between my photographer and I so we can share ideas and make sure we are on the same page as far as the feel of the shoot.
3.  Plan around babies and toddlers as much as you can.  I know sometimes lighting can be tricky to coordinate as well as a toddler or babies nap time. Typically there is good lighting morning and evening. So decide which will be best for your babe so you can get that smiley happy baby you want!!
4. Get your makeup done professionally!  Unless you are a professional of course.  The reason I recommend this is that professionals are great at knowing what to apply to really make you look stunning on camera.  And it's way more than you would think. I am no pro at this so I definitely think it is worth the investment to make your face look good haha! If I am spending money on outfits and photos I want to look good in them!! 
5. Relax and be natural! Once all of the prep work is done try to show up relax and be happy! Remember these are the people you love most!! Even if you may have been pulling your hair out dealing with them all to get ready! Just take a deep breath, be natural, and happy with the people you do that best around, that makes for the best photos and always the most precious ones. 
I hope you all love the photos as much as I do and would love to hear your tips on getting through family pics!!

My dress HERE
Isabella's dress HERE

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The BEST Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

This isn't my typical post but I had to share these pumpkin cookies with you all that I have been making for years!  They are so easy and honestly the absolute best that I have ever had.  My husband begs me to make them every fall as soon as it starts to cool down, its like an instant craving once this time of year hits us!
The funny thing is they are actually from a weight watcher recipe! The other funny thing is the recipe is supposed to make 48 cookies and in our house it makes 18 haha! We like our cookies big over here I guess and I suggest you make them just as big because then they are a little extra gooey that way! 
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Cozy Vests

Hey Everyone! A lot of you know that I have been feeling a little under the weather. But I wanted to get up this post and keep it short and sweet!  The holidays are coming up and for a lot of us that means traveling to visit our family and friends! It also means trying to shove all our cozy boots, sweaters, and coats into a bag that weighs less than 50 pounds.. and thats near impossible… am I right?? I might be known to over pack just a tad! 
But one of my biggest tips is to switch out some of your heavy coats with a couple vests.  If you layer them with a thermal or a flannel you should be able to keep just as warm and save a little room when packing.
I was so glad I had this vest when we went up to Park City on a little date weekend. Not only am I crazy about this color for fall but it is seriously WARM!!  If you follow me on snap chat you probably saw we got blind sided by a snowstorm up there!  It was beautiful! Now we are back in the 80 degree temps of Texas but we are headed out in just a couple weeks and I have been collecting a few vests I can take to Utah for this next trip.  I included some of my favorites below as well as a couple more tips to travel light!! Happy Fall!
1. Pack vests instead of multiple coats.
2. Wear your heaviest pair of boots on the plane.
3. Take your jewelry in your carry on.
4. Find your favorite hair products in travel size HERE
5. Pack clothing you can layer instead of all heavy pieces.


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Choker Tops

Hello beautiful ladies! Welcome to October!  Who feels like the weather instantly changed with the name of the month?!  We are in Utah visiting family and it has been the absolute perfect fall weather. We have been loving it since its still pretty toasty in Texas.  So we are soaking all the crisp fall days we can over here in SLC!  
I wanted to share with you one of my favorite trends right now.  I am loving choker tops! I pretty much wear a choker everyday lately and these tops have the look all in one!  I feel like they look a little dressy most of the time so they are perfect for a night out with some heels or a dress them down with some boots and throw a cozy sweater over top. I love a baggy tee with a fitted skirt so I went with that look and this oversized top that will probably be on repeat all fall. 
Well I will keep it short and sweet since I am on a little family get away! Thank you all for following and you can check out my fave choker tops below!!
Booties similar here and here

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