Memorial Day Sales!!

Wow guys! Life has been quite the adventure lately.  Just less than a month ago the possibility to move to Texas came up, since then we have gone to Mexico for a week, moved out of our house and Dusty is already in Texas.  We will be meeting up with him in about 3 weeks, and in the meantime I am totally feeling for all you couples who have to take time away from each other.  It is definitely not easy.  Talk about a crazy few weeks!! My sanity has been tested.  So yes blog posts have been to a minimum.  But I will pick up the pace when life gets a little more manageable! 
Who has fun plans for Memorial weekend? I honestly had forgotten all about the long weekend until just a couple days ago.  So we will be taking it easy, waiting for the pools to open, and shopping some major sales of course!!
With a new home in the future I have been scoping out furniture sales as well, so I will include some interior deals in this post because who doesn't love some new home decor?! Hope you enjoy!! 
Thank you for following!!


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