Memorial Day Sales!!

Wow guys! Life has been quite the adventure lately.  Just less than a month ago the possibility to move to Texas came up, since then we have gone to Mexico for a week, moved out of our house and Dusty is already in Texas.  We will be meeting up with him in about 3 weeks, and in the meantime I am totally feeling for all you couples who have to take time away from each other.  It is definitely not easy.  Talk about a crazy few weeks!! My sanity has been tested.  So yes blog posts have been to a minimum.  But I will pick up the pace when life gets a little more manageable! 
Who has fun plans for Memorial weekend? I honestly had forgotten all about the long weekend until just a couple days ago.  So we will be taking it easy, waiting for the pools to open, and shopping some major sales of course!!
With a new home in the future I have been scoping out furniture sales as well, so I will include some interior deals in this post because who doesn't love some new home decor?! Hope you enjoy!! 
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Easy Breezy Espadrilles

Hello gorgeous ladies!! I hope all of you mothers had a fabulous Mother's Day this past weekend!  We had a great time as a family and my favorite part was Isabella's little homemade gift that she brought home from preschool.  It was the sweetest little quote with her messy handprint.  I just can't believe she is old enough to be bringing me gifts from preschool. Crazy how time flies.  Of course I was a big baby when she gave it to me and cried and now she has told just about everyone that I cried from her present! Love that little babe of mine! 
I wanted to throw up a quick post just on my favorite espadrilles. I love how effortless and easy you can dress with these darling shoes and they are so in this year so you can practically find any color, heel  height, and style of these fun shoes!  Pictured I am wearing with a comfy pair of jeans and a flowy blouse.  I also love to style them with a cute romper or dress! Nothing easier and more comfy than a summer dress and some cute espies!! 

Shop the look below along with some of my favorite Espadrilles! Thank for following! 

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