Fresh whites and soft blues

First I have to say thank you to you all for the sweet comments and messages for Isabella on Instagram.   She is doing so much better today and starting to act like herself! I have never known anyone to get strep 2 times in a row within just couple months. But my poor baby got to be the lucky one.  She gets these terrible fevers and that is pretty much the giveaway that it has come on again.  It so funny to me that as a mom I am always counting down the crazy moments when she will relax and take a nap and then sure enough when she is sick and so tired, there is nothing I want more than her loud rambuncious self to come out!  It sure does make me grateful for all the times she is running around and making a mess!
On  another note! I just loved these looks! The fresh white colors and soft blues really just bring out the spring season to me! We are finally getting blossoms and green grass around here and we are so excited! They flowey boho looks on Isabella just melt my heart.
And I had a serious love connection when I found these SHOES!! They are the heavenly combination between a Ballet flat and a lace up flat! Unfortunately they sold out almost immediately. But I have been on the hunt for very similar styles for those of you who might love them just as much as I do! Those are below.


Hat  //  Top  //  Jeans  //  Watch 


Top  //  Pants  //  Sandals  

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