Casual with my Mini

You know that I have been loving my Activewear lately! So of course Isabella's style is reflecting that too! There is just something too adorable about little tiny tennis shoes!! They get me every time. She thinks that her "Gym clothes" are pretty awesome too and loves to wear them to workout with me! 
Most of the time when I am shopping for these kind of looks for Isabella, more often than not I end up in the boys section.  I love all black and I love it on her too! It can be really hard to find Activewear for toddlers that isn't completely pink or purple. Of course I love those colors! But when it comes to these outfits I like to go with the simple black on black 90% of the time! 
I have linked some fun items for both you and your little below!
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Top  //  Pants  //  Shoes  //  Jacket  (Similar) 

Hat (Similar)   //  Pants  //  Top  //  Shoes  //  Jacket  (Similar)

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