Feelin BoHo

Just a quick little post on this effortless look today! 
I have promised myself to get better at keeping up with posts, because if you follow me on insta you have probably seen that Isabella has started preschool! That means that I have approx. 8 hours a week to myself to do ALL the stuff that is easier without a toddler around. And posting on my blog falls into that category! 
This look makes me feel like spring is right around the corner.. even though we still have a ways to go. Dressing with a more boho vibe always seems to get me in the warmer weather. So even though we still have snow on the ground a girl can wish right?! 
This denim jacket is one of my favorites! I tend to be super picky about the right denim jacket. I hate when I feel so stiff in them like I can barely move! This jacket has a little stretch to it, is super comfy and a KILLER deal!
Hope you are all enjoying your Valentines week!! 


Jacket //  Dress  //  Bag  // Booties 

Curls thanks to my fave wands!
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