Feelin BoHo

Just a quick little post on this effortless look today! 
I have promised myself to get better at keeping up with posts, because if you follow me on insta you have probably seen that Isabella has started preschool! That means that I have approx. 8 hours a week to myself to do ALL the stuff that is easier without a toddler around. And posting on my blog falls into that category! 
This look makes me feel like spring is right around the corner.. even though we still have a ways to go. Dressing with a more boho vibe always seems to get me in the warmer weather. So even though we still have snow on the ground a girl can wish right?! 
This denim jacket is one of my favorites! I tend to be super picky about the right denim jacket. I hate when I feel so stiff in them like I can barely move! This jacket has a little stretch to it, is super comfy and a KILLER deal!
Hope you are all enjoying your Valentines week!! 


Jacket //  Dress  //  Bag  // Booties 

Curls thanks to my fave wands!
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Banket Scarves and Cozy Sweaters

There is nothing that I want more in this 20 degree weather than to cozy up with a gigantic blanket scarf! They are really so great for looking fashionable and for keeping warm, and as a mom I have to say I end up taking it off half of the time and covering up Isabella with it! So its a win win! Right now is such a great time to stock up on those winter accessories that you may have been eyeing for the last couple months. There are some great sales going on so below I have shared some of my favorite scarves that are on a killer deal! With no end in sight of winter here in Utah you can be sure you will still get some good use out of them this year haha… At least we will be keeping warm while we envy all of those enjoying spring weather a lot earlier than us!

Sweater  // Jeans  // Bag //  Heels //  Lip Color 
// Scarves on Sale //

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Valentine outfits for every occasion!

I must admit that Valentines has changed quite a bit since having Isabella around! I can't bring myself to leave her on the holiday so instead we like to celebrate the actual day of Valentines all together as a family and we have loved getting to make it so special for her! 
But of course I still want a date night out with the hubs, so we always make sure to get a night to ourselves in within the weekend of Valentines! 

It has been a little tradition of ours to go and get a couples massage together then spend the rest of the day doing a little shopping, lots of eating, and splurging on a few delicious desserts of course! 

For our date night I like to get dressed up. So I decided to share a fun look, something similar to what I might wear on a night out with him.

But below I have also shared some looks to go with whatever you may want to spend your love day doing so if you don't feel like getting all dolled up, I've got ya covered! 

Top (similar)   //  Skirt  //  Heels 

//Valentines out with the kiddos// 

//Hot Date//

//Girls Night Out//

//Netflix Night// 

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