Pastel Perfection

We love all things fall around here including all the warm rich colors, but there is just something refreshing about mixing in some pastels here and there in our wardrobes! 
I am a sucker for all things cable knit and when I came across this infinity knit toddler scarf I about lost it! Isabella has been so funny and wanted to wear it everyday lately…even with her jammies!! 
She is killing me with her funny attachment to things lately. Sometimes it's a baby doll, a purse, a drink, but right now this scarf is all she wants.

Isabella has been such a blast lately. I say that every stage is my favorite when we are in them but 2 has been so amazing. She is my little buddy and wants to do everything I do, and help me out with everything. 
She loves to do her makeup and hair…
Help me dust the house…
Color… even on the walls a couple times!
Watch her shows in Mama and Daddy's bed..
Ride in her car but of course she has to have her purse, phone and sunnies :)

Some of her favorite little sayings are 
"hmmmm… Interesting" 
"Guess What?   (names) coming over, (names) coming over, etc"

She loves doing her squats which is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen..
Wiggle Wiggle.. yep to Jason Derulo (debatable that she should even know that song!)

And her favorite foods are basically all fruits and veggies and anything that has to do with cheese! We are super lucky that she is such a great eater!

I could honestly go on and on about all the hilarious things she does and says. I love being able to have conversations with her and she is always amazing me with how smart she is and how she understands all that we tell her. I don't know what on earth I did before her. 

What have all of your favorite stages been??

Leather Bow Clip: Butterbean Leather Co
Scarf: Lili Belle Boutique
Floral Top: Gap
White Jeans: Gap
Moccs: Freshly Picked 

 photo isabella-sig_zpsdc16ef1d.jpg


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  2. She really IS the cutest thing ever! She is so smart and kind way beyond her years- we are so very lucky aren't we?!