Fall Manicures

Don't we all just love a good fall mani? Something about the cool weather and the cozy sweaters get me so excited for dark nail colors. In the summer it seems that I am a lot more playful with my manicures. But when the chilly seasons roll around its all about simplicity for me.
I have teamed up with Julep to talk about some of my favorite fall nail trends!
This chart showing how to take your summer colors to fall is absolutely perfect!

A couple of my go-to colors this fall are:

-Roc Solid
- Alaina
And a couple of my favorite trends to add to these colors:
-Matte Topcoat
-Simple Stripes
-Triangle Bases (Like I have done in my Mani here!)
Have fun with your nails this season and don't forget to stop by Julep for more inspiration! Also I would love to hear your favorite colors and trends of course! So make sure to share with me in the comments! :)

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