Isabella's 18 month must haves

I have decided that I am going to add in a fun post about once a month with Isabella's favorite toys, foods, activities etc! And also anything that I am loving at the time for her age as well!
Isabella is now 18 months old. I honestly can't believe how quickly the time has passed. She is my best friend and I am so grateful that I get to be her mama!
She is a busy little body these days and can just about create a little tornado with anything in her reach! I definatly have my hands full! 
Although I feel 18 months is challenging it is also so exciting! She is talking A LOT and says and does the silliest little things. She definitely knows when she is being silly these days and puts on a little show for us! I am constantly being entertained and laughing my head off :)

Isabella's Favorite Activities: She started Gymnastics this last month and has loved it! She has loved meeting new friends and it is so great to get her energy out during these chilly months.

She also loves brushing her teeth (non stop) and going "ooosid" (outside) as much as possible! She is  ready for spring and summer so we can cram in come swimming and park days! 
Another favorite time is when daddy gets home and they "wettle" (westle)!

Isabella is loving to eat: Anything with cheese, Mac and Cheese, Grilled Cheese, String Cheese.. you get it right? Let's just say if she could eat cheese all day you know she would!
She is very good about eating her fruits and veggies. I am very lucky that's not a battle for us (for now)!

Isabella's current favorite toys: Her babies, I am convinced she is going to be an amazing big sissy someday! She sings and rocks her baby's feeds them baba's and pushes them around in the stroller. Beyond adorable!
She is really loving coloring books and loves when we join in on the coloring with her.
She loves singing and dancing especially to "Bubble Guppies."

She has been talking about going "bop" yes "bop" which is the bathroom, in her potty for quite sometime now! Every once in a while she will tell me and we will get to her throne in time! But I am not rushing it where she is still so young.

Isabella is comforted by: Her Wubba, and has been since birth! That's going to be a rough one to break. And playing with my hair, she will just comb her fingers through my hair until she falls asleep.

If you have any question about our routine or anything else you may want to know don't hesitate to ask! 

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