I got my plaid pants on…

Ok the title here I am just laughing to myself because as soon as I said plaid pants in my head the "tight pants" song from Will Ferrel just kept playing on repeat in my head.. So I just had to title the post that.
If you haven't seen his little dance in his tight pants you need to head right on over to YouTube and give yourself a laugh… After you check out the details of this outfit of course ;)
I am loving that plaid pants are so in right now! I am very specific in the plaid pants that I will wear but when I came across these at Zara I was all over it! 
Hope you enjoy this look and don't be afraid to venture into plaid pant territory! 

Pants: Zara sold out similar here and here
Heart sequin shirt: Zara
Blazer: Forever 21
Earrings: Aldo
Shoes: Steve Madden similar here and here
Photography ℅ Amy Rowland @thatmygal


  1. Oh my gosh you had me bursting out laughing, thinking back to Will Ferrell's skit too!
    But on the serious side, this is so chic.

  2. Yes he is seriously the funniest! I was worried no one would know what I was talking about! I need to remember to watch those skits more often :)