Christmas Jammies

One of my absolute favorite traditions is Christmas Eve Pj's. Ever since I can remember my brother and I were so excited to rip open our jammies on Christmas Eve to kick off all the holiday madness! There is nothing quite as festive as a bright red plaid cozy outfit to get you ready for some Santa tracking and  cookie baking for the jolly ol' guy of course! 
Every year it has been a tradition that we wear our pajamas to my dads extended side of the family where we have a gift exchange and of course lots of comfort food, along with some crazy family games. Buy then of course we are all worn out and ready to head home (looking for Rudolph the entire way!)
Now having Isabella I feel like my excitement for these fun traditions grow even more so if thats possible. It is so fun to see how magical and fun the same very things I love are for her.  Not to mention that picking out Christmas Pj's for babies is just ridiculously fun regardless :)
Isabella won't be opening her actual Christmas jams till that night but in the mean time I found some adorable sets to build up to that! 
I included some of my favorites for the whole fam below!
I would love to hear about some of your favorite holiday traditions! 
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Holiday Skirts

Can I just say that life has been absolutely crazy lately? We have been out of town just about every other week and then trying to fit in all of the fun holiday traditions I have been a little on the cookoo side of things! 
We have decided that for Christmas we will be spending the week in Disneyland and getting some season passes to give us somewhere warm and fun to go with Isabella for the next year! 
We are so excited and Isabella has been chatting non stop of princesses, castles, crowns and glitter.
In fact she even asked Santa for a Princess Princess :)
So bear with us for all the craziness and the lack of blog posts for the holiday season! Also make sure you are following us on Instagram so we can keep in touch!
I have been wanting to do a post on all of the fabulous holiday skirts I have been eyeing lately!
I grabbed this one a few weeks back in Georgetown while we were visiting and it has become a holiday party favorite! 
There is nothing like a fun plaid or printed skirt for the perfect festive look. 
They are also so versatile. I styled this skirt more casually since we were attending a family party and would be chasing around Isabella! Most any of these skirts look great with a basic shirt and some booties. 
If you are partying for a work event or something a little more sophisticated throw on a sequin cami or a fun crop, and of course some pumps! 
We were having some camera difficulties so I know this photo isn't the greatest!

Shop my favorite Holiday Skirts for your next party here! 

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Ballet Flats and Sweater Dresses

This post is all about little Isabella and all her cuteness! 
I love dressing for the winter months and the holidays… but dressing a toddler for the winter months and holidays… is even that much more fun!  All the cute sweaters and all things cable knit, plaid, and cozy have me in a little holiday wonderland.  
I just about died when I came across these darling flats from My Beautiful Little Shop & immediately starting planning a girls night to the Nutcracker Ballet. And for you mamas with boys, the shop has some leather boots that I am swooning over! 
Click to the next page to get an exclusive discount code to the shop! 
Now that Isabella is getting bigger I am also loving styling her in oversized styles. When she was smaller it just looked like the piece wasn't fitting her quite right. But she is now big enough to see that its supposed to fit that way. I found this cozy sweater (now on sale!) and was kind of hoping I could find a twiner one for myself as well.
Her are a few shots of Isabella in one of my favorite Holiday outfits yet and below shop a few of my favorite sale items for her this season! 
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Navy Blue and the National Zoo

We shot this look while visiting the National Zoo in Washington D.C.  We had never been before and it is gorgeous! I would highly recommend visiting during the fall when all of the leaves are changing. Another fabulous part about the zoo? Its completely free! I was super envious of the joggers that were lucky enough to run through all the animals and scenery as their workout! 
Isabella was in heaven. She is a total animal lover, and blew kisses to every animal at least a thousand times. She is so cute I just dint know what to do with myself sometimes:)
About our looks.. 
I love navy and have always loved navy. I like to call it my favorite neutral! 
With monochromatic looks being all the rage in neutrals it only seemed fair to do the same!
I bought this fabulous draped sweater at Cotton On last year. It honestly as if you are wearing a blanket, so oversized and cozy! I will link a few below that are similar.
Isabella's look just had me about the happiest person on earth. Along with her happy and smiling attitude being at her very own heaven. 
These adorable equestrian leggings were the perfect matchy macthy look to go with my navy obsession. 
Pair navy blue, a faux fur jacket with military buttons, and these glittery boots and I would say thats Equestrian perfection :)
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Loving Pale Pink

I have been swooning over so many pale pink coats this winter! It is common to think you would want to wait until the spring to splurge on your pastel pieces, but not this winter. Pastels are in and I am absolutely loving them! Designers debuted icy blues, pinks and even lavenders for fall collections. There is just something so perfect about the light colors and the chilly weather.
I decided to focus on just one of my favorites for now in this post.  There are so many endless options to style a pink coat. You can use a pink this light almost as a neutral and really it can be paired with just about anything! I love the idea of wearing it with a pair of edgy charcoal moto jeans or dressing it up for a festive party with a sequin cocktail dress! Or just casual for a day out shopping like I did below.
And of course I can not forget to talk about Isabella! I just couldn't handle the cuteness of her in this almost monochromatic look :) She is starting to look so grown up and so full of personality. She had so many compliments on her outfit and always is so sweet to respond with thank you and say things like "oh, my hat?" "oh, it's beautiful?" she is just too cute to handle sometimes.
We were in Georgetown when we shot this look and were doing some shopping and eating. The roads and architecture is just so gorgeous and the leaves are so stunning this time a year! I think its safe to say we enjoyed ourselves! 
Shop a few of my favorite pink winter must haves below! 
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Tips and Essentials for Traveling with a Toddler

Traveling with a toddler may sound like one of the scariest things you have heard since halloween right?
There are a few big things to worry about like.. are they going to have a tantrum… will they sleep… how many germs are on this plane?! (The germs are always my biggest concern!)
But honestly with a few essentials we made it through our four and a half hour flights like a breeze!

We have been traveling with Isabella since she was 6 weeks old and pretty consistently, so that may make it a tiny bit easier in some ways. But I definitely think that traveling with a baby is soooo much easier than a toddler! For the most part you can count on them sleeping the majority of the flight. They don't have many needs.. (Milk & Paci) and you can pretty much keep them germ free since they are bundled up and not touching and putting there mouths on every thing they see.
Something I never thought I would say is that I now can appreciate a layover! With a walker it is so nice to get them out and have them stretch their legs on flights over 3 hours if you have the time.
With a few trial and errors I have found the items that make all of our trip so much more enjoyable!
Hope this helps you all with you travels and if you have suggestions to add I would love to hear them!

I have started to pack Isabella her own little carry-on. She loves being independent these days and when she sees that we have a bunch of bags to carry you better believe she has to have one of her own!
I fell in love with this cute little personalized back pack from Stuck On You and she has to take it everywhere with her these days! She may not be in school quite yet but she feels so big with her very own "packed pack"

In her backpack I like to have

-Clorox wipes, to wipe everything I think she could possibly touch once with get to our seats
-Lysol Spray, to spray over what I wiped and may have missed! (Call me paranoid!)
-Diapers and Wipes of course
-Children's Hand Sanitizer
-Baby Lotion for that dreaded travel dry skin
-Boogie Wipes!!! Saved our lives! She caught a cold on the way back and these seriously are the only way to go! They wipe totally clean and don't cause chapped noses!
-Tide Pen, because we are all pros at spilling
-Aden and Anais Swaddle, just enough to keep her cozy and light to pack
-Camelback, doesn't leak and her favorite right now
-Crystal light packets, in case we don't have access to juice
-EOS Chapstick, keeps her occupied forever (seriously this girl loves chap stick!)
Last but not least Bianca the Bunny for snuggles :)

Not pictured
Her Wubba Nub, to help her ears pop.
iPad, Loaded with lots of Movies! 
Fruit snacks and Crackers

                                                               photo isabella-sig_zpsdc16ef1d.jpg

Camo Casual

I am so glad that camo is in again this fall! I loved it last year and was really hoping I wouldn't have to rid my closet of it this year! I think it is such a fun print for fall. Also I love that brands are getting even more creative with it and putting it on shoes, puffy toddler skirts.. etc.. 
I went with a basic look for this night out with the family but you could also change is up a bit with some mixed patterns!
Some Patterns that you can't go wrong with are stripes, polka dots, or even floral!!
Oh and this black dolman tee.. Probably one of theeee comfiest tops I have ever owned… I may never take it off!
Shop some of my favorite camo pieces below!! 

Top:  Bobi via Revolve Clothing
Camo Pants: Koodeker (local boutique) online options below
Booties: Old Navy ( On Sale) 
Necklace: Madewell
Bag: Dooney and Bourke
Camo Crazy….. For the whole fam…

 photo isabella-sig_zpsdc16ef1d.jpg

Pastel Perfection

We love all things fall around here including all the warm rich colors, but there is just something refreshing about mixing in some pastels here and there in our wardrobes! 
I am a sucker for all things cable knit and when I came across this infinity knit toddler scarf I about lost it! Isabella has been so funny and wanted to wear it everyday lately…even with her jammies!! 
She is killing me with her funny attachment to things lately. Sometimes it's a baby doll, a purse, a drink, but right now this scarf is all she wants.

Isabella has been such a blast lately. I say that every stage is my favorite when we are in them but 2 has been so amazing. She is my little buddy and wants to do everything I do, and help me out with everything. 
She loves to do her makeup and hair…
Help me dust the house…
Color… even on the walls a couple times!
Watch her shows in Mama and Daddy's bed..
Ride in her car but of course she has to have her purse, phone and sunnies :)

Some of her favorite little sayings are 
"hmmmm… Interesting" 
"Guess What?   (names) coming over, (names) coming over, etc"

She loves doing her squats which is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen..
Wiggle Wiggle.. yep to Jason Derulo (debatable that she should even know that song!)

And her favorite foods are basically all fruits and veggies and anything that has to do with cheese! We are super lucky that she is such a great eater!

I could honestly go on and on about all the hilarious things she does and says. I love being able to have conversations with her and she is always amazing me with how smart she is and how she understands all that we tell her. I don't know what on earth I did before her. 

What have all of your favorite stages been??

Leather Bow Clip: Butterbean Leather Co
Scarf: Lili Belle Boutique
Floral Top: Gap
White Jeans: Gap
Moccs: Freshly Picked 

 photo isabella-sig_zpsdc16ef1d.jpg

Go-to: Emerald Green

One of my favorite colors for the fall season is this rich emerald green. It is completely flattering on everyone.
Also I love how comfy and basic some fall looks can be! Its as simple as a blouse jeans and some neutral boots! These boots are the perfect fall staple and I can tell I will be wearing them a lot! They fold over to a shorter under the knee shaft and fold up to be over the knees! When purchasing a pair of boots that are a good leather and I know will last a long time it since to have that kind of versatility!

I am finally starting to feel better after my dreaded tonsillectomy and some fun fall looks are on their way!

Hope you enjoy this casual look and Happy Fall! 

Blouse: Soel Boutique  Similar online here
Boots: Seychelles in black here same color different style here
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Alex and Ani
Heart Earrings: Mia Earrings

PC: Jessa Kae
Makeup: @muchachamary

 photo isabella-sig_zpsdc16ef1d.jpg

Fall Manicures

Don't we all just love a good fall mani? Something about the cool weather and the cozy sweaters get me so excited for dark nail colors. In the summer it seems that I am a lot more playful with my manicures. But when the chilly seasons roll around its all about simplicity for me.
I have teamed up with Julep to talk about some of my favorite fall nail trends!
This chart showing how to take your summer colors to fall is absolutely perfect!

A couple of my go-to colors this fall are:

-Roc Solid
- Alaina
And a couple of my favorite trends to add to these colors:
-Matte Topcoat
-Simple Stripes
-Triangle Bases (Like I have done in my Mani here!)
Have fun with your nails this season and don't forget to stop by Julep for more inspiration! Also I would love to hear your favorite colors and trends of course! So make sure to share with me in the comments! :)

 photo isabella-sig_zpsdc16ef1d.jpg


I shot this look back before my surgery and when the weather was a lot cooler!
We got a small taste of fall for a few weeks and ever since it has basically been July here! Talk about confusing!
But thats one of the very reasons I am just so in love with the "around the waist" trend! Not only am I obsessed with how it looks but how convenient is it?! Especially when you live somewhere as weather temper mental at Utah! 
A couple tips on what to tie around your waist:
-Don't be scared of mixing patterns! A floral top and a plaid button up or mix in some polka dots or stripes! Skies the limit!
- Doesn't just have to be a button up. Use light sweaters and Cardigans! Madwell has some great examples of this! 
Hope you enjoy this look &&& I hope this fall weather comes back ASAP :)
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