Bringing Some Home to Their Holidays.

I am really excited about the post I am bringing you all today. During the Christmas season I feel that it is so important to spread cheer and happiness to others that are going through a hard time. I like to set a special budget aside to do just that. Each year my husband and I like to do a little research and decide where we would like that to go. I came across these gals on Instagram and knew instantly I wanted to help out. They are sending care packages to the mothers and babies in the NICU to make their experience a little more comforting. I did not go through near what some of these strong mommies went through but I was on high risk throughout my pregnancy with Isabella. It is such a scary place to be. Knowing that you may never get to know or meet this person who you already love more than anything else. So this cause definitely hits close to home. On their website you can read about their mission and donate to help their cause. (sorry if this is not linking up, I am without internet during our move and having to blog from my phone. So copy and paste if needed!) You can also follow them on Instagram @jessmolson & @ekoelliker 
Thank you all for reading and I would love to hear about your experience with Christmas donations.
Happy Holidays. 


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