Dear Santa,

It gets a little tricky buying for a 15 month old. Isabella has just about everything that she NEEDS and isn't old enough to tell me what she wants. So this year I decided to get her a few things that she doesn't have yet that will get a lot of use. Like a really nice toy box, and a heavy duty quilt! Things that she will use for a long time! And of course we are going to throw some clothes and shoes here and there and a couple toys! I love this knit bowling set because she is in the mode of throwing balls all over the place and starting to realize that everything she does creates some sort of reaction. So she will repeat and repeat and giggle to herself! I actually think that this is something that may keep her entertained for more than 47 seconds. 
She loves horses and makes the cutest horse sound whenever she sees them so I can not wait to see her reaction to this cute stick unicorn.
I think she will just love all of these fun things and hopefully more than the wrapping paper and boxes like last year!
Its time to get shopping and wrapping! I am hoping to find a few more items for killer deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! It has been a tradition for us to go out shopping for the last 6 or so years. It's such a fun and crazy way to kick off the Holiday Season. Do any of you venture out on that crazy day? Tell me what you are looking for and a little about your fun traditions! I would love to hear!
Dal and Isabella


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