Sporty Casual

Hi everyone! WOW! It has been far too long since I have hopped on here for a blog post! So much has changed since I have updated here last! We moved across the country... again. We are now living in Las Vegas! It has been quite the adjustment but it definitely has been nice to be within driving distance of family, and our favorite vacation spot Disneyland and Laguna beach! So as much as we are missing Texas we are doing pretty well here :) Isabella started Kindergarten and I am such a proud mama!  She struggles a little bit in the morning with saying goodbye, although at the end of the day she is her happy little self again! 

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Pink hair don't care! Do it at home!

Hello Gals! Happy Monday! Are you all ready to take this week on? I sure am! It is a busy one for me with Lash Extensions clients, mom duty, and getting ready for our upcoming trips to Utah and Mexico! 
I wanted to hop on and just share my hair that I did over the weekend!  I have been thinking about tying out a fun color honestly for a good 6 months.  But I am a pretty big baby when it comes to anything drastic with my hair!  That's why I love these Demi permanent colors that last 5-10 washes!  Not a huge commitment but a whole lot of fun for sure! 
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Romper Lovin'

Hey everyone! How has Spring been treating you?!  We have been getting tricked with the weather everyday!  It's either a pool day or a thunderstorm, and we are soooo ready for endless pool days! 
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Duster Weather

Hey gals! I wanted to share with you all a favorite spring essential of mine! Well really these are great year round. But I love a sheer floor length duster for a seamless transition from winter to spring!  Of course they look fab paired over some skinny jeans and boots.  But I love them for those "almost" hot enough days! Just switch it up with some cute denim shorts and booties or espadrilles and wa-la! 
And honestly when it's that hot out and my legs haven't seen the sun in some time.. it just gives you a little ease into wearing your shorts solo and a little time to work on that tan!
I have linked of few of my favorites below. Unfortunately the one pictured sold out but if it becomes available I will link it here asap.
Cheers to warmer weather and hoping it stays that way! 
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5 Family Friendly Spring must do's in DFW

Hey everyone! How has the first week of spring been treating you?  I always love the change of the season.  It just seems so refreshing and I am always motivated to get things going, try new things, and set new goals!  For some reason in spring those goals always tend to be getting more organized and the BEST... spending more family time outside!! 

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